Call for papers

Welcome to The International Conference on Sport Science 2023 (ICSS 2023),
21-22 July 2023 to be held virtually online via Zoom meeting platform

The ICSS 2023 Conference focuses on the topic "Recovery and tendency of the Sport industry after the COVID-19 pandemic" with the aim of sharing research results on the changes and trends in sport business management, sport coaching, physical education, sport biomedicine, sport psychology,... Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic to contribute to theoretical foundations as well as implications in management and practice, efficiency in the implementation of activities related to physical training - sport. The Conference is a place to connect, exchange experiences between scientists around the world. In addition, the Conference also promotes and encourages scientists, researchers, experts, managers, lecturers, coaches, athletes, and students who are active in the field of sport who is interested to know more in-depth knowledge about the specific topics as following:

- Sport management

  • Sport business;
  • Sport economics;
  • Sport marketing and sponsorship;
  • Sport communication;
  • Sport events;
  • Sport facilities management;
  • Sport human resource management;
  • Sport public relations;
  • Sport Tourism and Recreation.

- Sport biomedical

  • Sport physiology;
  • Sport biomechanics;
  • Sport medicine;
  • Sport nutrition;
  • Health behavior.

- Sport psychology

- Physical education and Sport coaching

All papers must be submitted online and subjected to a blind peer-review process by the Committee.

Please submit your full paper to the Conference via the email:

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Thank you!